Welcome to Body Wrap Fresno!

Perhaps you are just like us. You want to, or even need to lose some weight, get rid of some fat, and unsightly cellulite. You might also be thinking, I know people who would LOVE this! Once a friend brought me to a wrap party, I was hooked! Our local group is so friendly and personable. So And helpful! I signed up as a distributor on the first day. Now, all I do is bring people to the group, and they do the rest…

The 3 or 4 meetings a week are informal, yet professional. In a spa, or medical office, or even in your own home. The women wrap the women, and men wrap the men. Most of the meetings are in the evening around 6, but we can customize a meeting just for you.

And we are here to help you succeed in your weight and fat loss plan. The first step is to call, text or email us. (559) 473-9193. We are here in Fresno / Clovis area. We can guide you to a comfortable, professional setting to try out a wrap, and listen to a presentation while the wrap is working its magic!

We have the wraps right here, and right now, and can get you started. Bring a few friends to wrap, and get yours free!

Daniel and Kristi Hughes