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Service Men and Women Looking to Pass Tape? Use a Body Wrap!

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Wrapreneur  Daniel Hughes  got to wrap a soldier today! A navy man stationed in Lemoore who was looking to pass tape. (Pass weight and measurements inspection) We are convinced that using the It works Herbal Body Wraps to pass tape is a GREAT idea!

Daniel put two wraps on the gentleman, to cover the belly AND the love handles, and we are so happy to report he passed with flying colors! So if you are a service man or woman looking to pass tape… get a hold of us. We will take care of you, and give you a Military discount!

soldier tapeMembers of the military desperate to meet fitness standards are turning to alternate methods to beat the so-called “tape test.”

The test involves measuring a soldier’s waist and neck. Too big a waist-to-neck ratio gets a soldier sent to a months-long fitness and nutrition program. Failing the test three times gets a soldier kicked out of the service all together.

In 2013, more than 1,800 Army soldiers were given the boot for being overweight, nearly four times the number just two years before.

In order to avoid losing their jobs, servicemen and servicewomen are turning to doctors for plastic surgery, and other extreme methods. WAIT! Come and see us first at Body Wrap Fresno! If you are at Lemoore,  Mountain Training Center, or the Fresno airport (FAT, pun intended) or anywhere else around Fresno, just give us a text or call to try a Skinny Wrap in Fresno! We also have carb blockers, fat fighters, thermofit Metabolism Boosters, High end Super food Protein powder and much more.

soldiers runningThese people are usually in top shape. These guys and gals are working out constantly, but they have spare tires they can’t get rid of.

A failed tape test, even if the solider is later able to pass, can hold up promotions for years for a measure some say isn’t necessarily a good indication of fitness.

While taking someone’s measurement doesn’t account for body fat and definitely doesn’t account for someone’s fitness level, the Army said it has no plans to adjust its standards, and there are those who defend the process as the most efficient way to keep fitness standards high.

“To me it seems like a pretty good compromise because it’s a way to test as many people as possible efficiently and effectively,” said retired marine Lt. Col. Mike Grice.

The military doesn’t condone — or pay for — surgery to pass the tape test, but it doesn’t forbid it either. We will have to wait to see what it says about using the It Works Body wrap to help pass tape!

Army, Navy, National Guard, Marines, Air Force all get military discounts on Herbal Body Wraps here in Fresno and Clovis!

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